Environmental Education Campaign at Haidian Park

2016-10-26 08:35:00

This October, Beijing Forestry Society (BFS) together with many other partners organised a series of educational events at Longtanxihu Park (Dongcheng district) and Haidian Park (Haidian district) in Beijing. Using the slogan “Golden Times for Green Travel: I will be the first to take action for Watershed Protection”, Beijing citizens were invited to visit the park on the 9th, 10th, 22nd, and 23rd October from 9:30 to 11:30 am to become more informed about watershed protection and the environment.

More than 30 volunteers from North China University of Technology, Beijing Forestry University, Renmin University and University of International Relations helped at 5 booths covering 5 different purposes guided the participants around the park. The first booth conducted surveys on ecological and water demand in Beijing. The purpose was to collect more information about ecological demands from citizens in Beijing and to get some feedback about environmental campaign events in order to be able to create better public environmental activities in the future. The second booth served for educating the public in watershed protection, the Partnership for Mega-City Watershed Protection (PMWP) and the China Mega-City Water Fund. Participants were invited to answer questions and in return they received small presents. Children were rewarded with a ‘Green Volunteer Certificate’. BFS and the Beijing Forestry Carbon Administration (BFCA) used the opportunity to recruit new members at the third booth. The fourth booth was in charge of promoting new scientific techniques of greening and gardening in Beijing. The purpose was to give ideas and techniques to the public in making Beijing greener and more enjoyable. As one of the donors to this event, the Beijing Rural Commercial Bank (BRCB) contributed with financial knowledge at the last booth.

The event was a big success: Many families with young children, students, but also many seniors joined this event, to a total of 2,500 people participating during those weekend-events.

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