About Us

About Us

Beijing Forestry Society (BFS) was established in 1955 by a group of foresters in Beijing, and it currently consists of over 2800 members. The membership brings together a rich variety of specialists working in diverse forest related fields with the common goals of promoting sustainable forestry and community development. Among BFS’s members, there are CAS Academicians, senior-titled technicians and many post-graduated researchers, logowho are all currently serving in State Forestry Administration, Chinese Academy of Forestry, Beijing Forestry University, Beijing Municipal Bureau of Parks and Forestry (BMBPF), forestry enterprises and other related institutions. It is an information exchange platform for professionals and practitioners from Beijing, even from China and the world. BFS mainly focuses on forestry related science promotion, environment protecting, capacity building, climate change mitigation, watershed management through various activities. Over the years, we have made full use of our expert resources and geographical advantages to cooperate with IUCN, WWF, UNDP Global Environmental Facility, Deutsche Gesellschaftfür Technische Zusammenarbeit (GTZ), Forest Trends and other international organizations on over 20 programs related to sustainable forest management, close-to nature forest management, improvement of forestry communities’ livelihood, climate change mitigation, forest landscape restoration, forest certification, watershed management and so on. During the cooperation with IUCN in Livelihoods and Landscape Strategy (LLS) project in Miyun Reservoir, as well as with BMBPF in “Capability Building of Forest Guards for Beijing Eco-Forests” project, we successfully introduced in the international leading concepts and techniques such as forest landscape restoration and close-to-nature forest management. These technologies helped improve the forest biodiversity and its landscape productivity in Miyun Reservoir watershed. They also enhanced the self-development ability of local people and their environmental awareness. Until now, we have organized many large-scale domestic and international academic conferences, and launched several large outreach campaigns to facilitate information exchanges and raise public awareness of climate change and biodiversity protection.

The Leadership

Dr. Wang Xiaoping

Secretary General

Dr. Wang Xiaoping, the Secretary General for Beijing Forestry Society (BFS), has been promoting sustainable forestry and community development in Beijing. Instilling the vision of ‘healthy people healthy forest’ in all people that come in contact with his moving presence, Dr. Wang is mobilizing urban residents, rural villagers, practitioners, scientists and international partners for healthy ecosystems in Beijing since the 1990s.

The Team

Li Hao

Project Director

Mr. Li Hao joined BFS in October 2006 and took the leading responsibility for international environmental projects. Currently, Mr. Li is serving as a focal point in the Global Water Initiative. He is dedicated to creating an innovative market-based mechanism for addressing water crisis in mega-cities. Mr. Li is a PhD candidate at the Beijing Forestry University.

Wang Yongchao

Technical Program Coordinator

Mr. Wang Yonchao manages BFS’s carbon sequestration projects and technical consultancy programs. He joined BFS in 2012 after receiving his master degree from Beijing Forestry University.

Xia Lei

International Program Coordinator

Ms. Xia Lei joins BFS in 2012, after working 6 years for KOICA. She is responsible for office administration and cooperation with Korean organizations.

Shen Qianqian

International Program Coordinator

Ms. Shen Qianqian has been BFS’s International Program Coordinator since July 2012. Her tasks include implementing international cooperation programs related to forestry and watersheds, and promoting information sharing and exchanges with international forestry and environmental NGOs.

Shao Dan

Deputy Director of Environmental Education

Ms. Shao Dan is responsible for managing forestry experience and environmental education prorams. She joined BFS in 2009. She received training on forest interpretation in South Korea in 2012, and obtained a certificate of completion.

Zhao Anqi

Environmental Education Coordinator

Ms. Zhao Anqi joined BFS in 2014 as nature education coordinator, responsible for organizing forest experience and environmental education programs and activities.

Han Yueming

Environmental Education Coordinator

Ms. Han Yueming joined BFS in 2014 as nature education coordinator, responsible for organizing forest experience and environmental education programs and activities.

Zhang Di

Environmental Education Coordinator

Ms. Zhang Di joined BFS in 2014 as nature education coordinator, responsible for organizing forest experience and environmental education programs and activities.

Zhang Yao


Ms. Zhang Yao has been BFS’s account since 2013, being responsible for financial control, to ensure that all activities are implemented according to relevant financial requirements.

Wang Chang

Administration Officer

Ms. Wang Chang joined BFS in 2014 as administration officer, responsible for office administration and implementation of technical consultation projects.